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Physical Health

  • If the healthy women can use medicinal sanitary napkins?

    A lot of women think that using medicinal sanitary napkin will guarantee menses health, but it is not true in medicine. Medicinal sanitary napkin works on protecting cleanness of women’s private parts and preventing gynaecopathia to some extent, bu

  • Symptoms of irregular menstruation

    What is irregular menstruation and what’s the symptom of it? Lots of women caring this topic because most of women have menstrual disorder problem, such as hypomenorrhea, menstruation in advance or delay, irregular menstruation cycle, menolipsis, et

  • Keeping Away from bacteria during menstrual period

    Women should keep the vulva clean. Women’s pudendum structure is complex with many wrinkles. There is excreta of glands, cervix and vagina which will adhere to the monsveneris. There will be dirty things exist in the lacuna between labia and clitori

  • Details of Menses Hygiene

    Keeping the vulva clean is necessary. It’s better to use UUcare menses cleaning liquid for adjusting the PH to around 5.5 so that the faintly acid will prevent bacterial growth and improve users’ immunity. Swimming is forbidden in case the dirty


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