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If the healthy women can use medicinal sanitary napkins?

Date:2014-03-20 Women during menstrual period are to pay attention to the following details for good healthily lifestyle.
(1) Avoid infection :
Close outside the mouth and anus of the female reproductive tract , as it is easy to contact genital infections. Especially women, during menstrual period , if the lower genital tract is dirty , more likely to be infected by pelvic inflammatory disease. So we use UUcare menstrual care cleaning solution in preventing bacterial growth and improve immunity.
To keep the vulva clean , UUcare solution can regulate the private area during wash from existing PH value close to 5.5.  weaken acid , to prevent the growth of bacteria and improve immune system . Maintaining a healthy environment sebum film on private areas by cleaning daily.
(2) to avoid fatigue :
Avoid fatgue. As It does not is promote pelvic blood circulation, reduce one’s resistance and easy to get tired during menses.  And avoid strenuous movements.
(3) Avoid wet :
Women’s resistance is weak during menses and easily  to catch a cold, so keeping body warm and avoiding cold situations are very important. Especially preventing cold of the lower body, in touching cold water with feet, legs, taking a shower with cold water or getting wet in the rain and sitting on the cold ground are all bad for health. These actions probably will reduce the menstruation or stop the menses.
4 to avoid mood swings :
Women’s menses and mood swing influence each other. The swing may cause menstruation disorder. So it is good for women to be optimistic during menses.
5 Avoid spicy food : eat fresh during menstrual period with digestible food. Not eating raw, cold , sour, spicy , spicy food  during menstrual period prone to constipation  and constipation can cause congestion on lower body, therefore drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.
(6) Women have to touch the sanitary napkins closely for several days in a month, so how to choose right sanitary napkin is the a necessary knowledge.
Is it good for healthy women to use medicinal sanitary napkin?
Many women think that using medicinal sanitary napkins will guarantee good health, but it is not true in medicine. Medicinal sanitary napkin works on protecting cleanness of women’s private area and preventing gynaecopathia to some extent, but it is not for everyone.
The women with sensitive constitution shouldn’t use medicinal sanitary napkin as it may cause allergies or vulvae pruritus on them. In addition, the medicinal sanitary napkin is also not fit for healthy women, because the acid and alkali environment of their private area is capable of killing bacteria, while the long-term use of medicinal sanitary napkin will change the normal acid and alkali environment and make the users rely on this kind of sanitary napkin.

Menses nursing expert of UUCare suggest that the healthy women had better not choose medicinal sanitary napkin to avoid breaking down female immune capacity. Female friends may choose sanitary napkin of good brands from large super markets or boutiques for health..
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