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Details of Menses Hygiene

Date:2014-03-20 It’s good for women to know the following details during in menses:
1.Avoiding infection: Women’s genital tract is close to the anus so it is easy to be infected. Especially during menses, women are probably to suffer from pelvic inflammation if the genital tract is not clean. Therefore it is necessary to use UUcare menses cleaning liquid for preventing bacterial growth and improve users’ immunity in during menses.    Keeping the vulva clean is necessary. It’s better to use UUcare menses cleaning liquid in
adjusting the PH to around 5.5 so that the faintly acid will prevent bacterial growth and improve users’ immunity. Swimming is forbidden in case the dirty water entering the vagina. Vagina examination is also not permitted normally.
2.Avoiding overwork: Avoid overwork or stress during menses. As It does not is promote pelvic blood
circulation, reduce one’s resistance and easy to get tired during menses. 
3.  Avoiding the Cold: Women’s resistance is weak during menses and easily  to catch a cold, so keeping body warm and avoiding cold situations are very important. Especially preventing cold of the lower body, in touching cold water with feet, legs, taking a shower with cold water or getting wet in the rain and sitting on the cold ground are all bad for health. These actions probably will reduce the menstruation or stop the menses.
4. Avoiding mood swing: Women’s menses and mood swing influence each other. The swing may cause menstruation disorder. So it is good for women to be optimistic during menses.
5.Avoiding irrigative food: Fresh and easily digestible food are good for women during menses. Cold, hard and spicy food to be avoided during this period. And Constipation happens during menses normally, therefore drinking lots of water is helpful for solving this problem.
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