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Keeping Away from bacteria during menstrual period

Date:2014-03-20 Women’s pudendum is the most vulnerable so it will be infected by bacteria easily, especially during menstruation.
Then how to keep away from bacteria during menstruation?
Women should keep the vulva clean. Women’s pudendum structure is complex with many layers of skin. There are excreta of glands and cervix as vagina will adhere to the monsveneris. There will be dirt participles exist in the lacuna between labia and clitoris. There are also urethral orifice and anus behind and after the introitus. All the structures make the vulva contaminated easily, so it is necessary to keep the vulva clean and form the habit of cleaning private areas. It’s better to use warm water and UUcare menses cleaning liquid for adjusting the PH to around 5.5 so that the faintly acid will prevent bacterial growth and improve users’ immunity. Do not take any foot related washing items to wash vulva, be careful and gentle when clean it.
For women, it is a good habit to change underwear and underpants frequently for healthy lifestyle.
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