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Symptoms of irregular menstruation

Date:2014-03-20 What is irregular menstruation and what is the symptom of it?
Lots of women are concern in this topic because most of women have menstrual disorder problems, such as hypo-menorrhea, irregular menstruation cycle, menolipsis, etc. UUCare menses nursing expert summarized the following eight symptoms of irregular menstruation.
  1. Skin deterioration:
Numerous women have following experience: example of chloasma and stains appeared on the face suddenly and can’t be hidden by applying cosmetics. In fact this is not only a skin problem, it is also caused by endocrine dyscrasia.
  1. Infertility:
Some women have normal sex life after marriage but are not able to conceive. After examination by doctors, advise to adjust endocrine first, because endocrine dyscrasia may damage the endometrium and makes it not responsive to female hormones, which influence the endocrine adjustment reflexively. This interaction reduces pregnancy possibilities.
  1. Breast:
Endocrine dyscrasia is the main reason of breast distending pain and breast hyperplasia. The secretion of estrogen promotes breast growth, so endocrine disorder probably cause breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.
  1. Body hair:
People’s endocrinium will produce male and female hormone in different gender. The difference’s is that men’s hormone is more than women’s hormone. But the endocrine dyscrasia makes the female hormone secreted too much and then the symptom of crinosity may happen.
  1. White hair, senilism:
White hair for young people are abnormal and probable caused by endocrine dyscrasia. Female hormone secretion reduction is the main reason of aging.
  1. Quick-tempered:
Menopausal women may be quick-tempered and mood swing more frequently than others. Female hormone reduction is main reason of this situation.
  1. Gynecopathy:
Endometriosis, irregular menstrual flow, dysmenorrheal and irregular menstruation are all caused by endocrine dyscrasia. As well as some breast disease. In addition, facial pigmentation might also caused by gynecopathy.
  1. Obesity:
  It may have something to do with endocrine dyscrasia. Calorie-dense  and high-fat food will also influence endocrine.
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