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Mature consumption era! Women spending habits has become the leading trend of life of the citizenry. Past conservative, traditional image of feminine hygiene products have become a new endorsement young fashion, lifestyle.

Based on this, the first group will be located in Singapore, "the female menstrual care overall solution" to China.

For the huge consumer demand for women's cosmetics, created China's first female menstrual supplies franchise stores - excellent rose, menstrual achieve comprehensive care, to create a one-stop consumer habits. Convenient and comfortable shopping experience, professional and reliable technology consultant, great to meet the female consumer preferences more effectively to fill gaps in the market and win investment opportunities!

[According to Datamonitor statistics course abroad personal care development shows that the per capita GDP of more than $ 3,000, the individual consumer has been basically out of food and clothing requirements, began to pursue further improve the quality of life, has focused on personal care products.

China, in 2009 GDP was more than $ 3,000. 2010-2015, China Personal Care CAGR will reach 8%, in 2013 the market scale of China's personal care products will reach $ 21.3 billion. Which, female menstrual care category, will be an average annual growth rate of over 20%, much higher than 8% of the personal care industry, market growth, market sales ranks second in Asia and eighth in the world, a huge market capacity. The next 20 years will be the golden age!

Faced with this huge consumer demand, rose to excellent foresight lead into the huge potential of this blue ocean market, ahead of exploring investment interests, seize opportunities! Lead to the "one-stop menstrual care," the franchise mode, a leading marketing strategy, one hundred billion yuan market space, the first excavation whoever has amazing returns.

潜力蓝海市场,个人护理产业的投资明星! 潜力蓝海市场,个人护理产业的投资明星!
Excellent Rose project development plan the next three years, the number of stores to more fulfilling and third tier cities to enhance market share to more optimized product line promoted as the preferred brand of women's health care. The next three years, rose a solid foundation will be excellent and effective development of three years, is to promote "U Wyatt woman, U month care" of women pioneering new concepts of care.
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