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Womb-warming patches

Womb-warming patches
Product specification
With glue/without glue
Excuse for using it
Important functions of the womb
On menstruation: Promoting renewal of the hemopoietic system and detoxification;
On fertility: The pregnancy rate will be increased with the womb temperature rise, and disease of the womb will be decreased.
On internal secretion: Maintaining ovary function and secreting various hormones for the balance inside human body.
On immunity: Works on maintaining immunity.
Advantages of stick with it
A. Daily health care, warming the womb, improving microcirculation, adjusting menstruation circle.
B. Nursing the womb, improving the symptoms of cold womb and limbs. Adjusting the internal secretion and immunity function, delaying senescence.
C. Improving temperature of the womb, increasing the conception rate, decreasing gynecological disease possibility.
Using time
A. Before the menstrual period: Begin to use it before four days of the menstruation start. One paste everyday.
B. In the menstrual period: one paste everyday in menstrual period.

Technical Index
Relieving bellyache in 30 minutes
Containing wormwood, lavender, etc, with broad-spectrum antibacterial effect
12 hours caring, warming the womb and preserving health, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, increasing the conception rate, avoiding extra fat on the belly.
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