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Product specification
Excuse for using it:
A. A research from the WTO pointed that more than 80 percent women have gynecological disease. Microbiologists discover that: there are 0.1g faeces, 1 million virus, 100 thousand bacterias, 100 parasites cysts and 10 parasite ovums exist on a pair of underpants averagely.
B. Soap shouldn’t be used for washing underpants because its alkalinity makes it difficult to rinse residual, which will promote bacteria growth and induce skin allergy.

Advantages of stick with it:
Removing bloodiness thoroughly, sterilizing and decreasing gynecological disease.

Using time:
It can be used everyday especially in menstrual period when women’s resistance decrease.

Technical index
Containing raw materials of removing bloodiness like TANA and AESA. Effectively removing blot and bloodiness.
Containing lavender extract and fungicide, with fresh smell and antibacterial function.
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