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Feminine wipe

Feminine wipe

Product specification
Excuse for using it:
A. incorrect using of wash supplies may cause dysbacteriosis of the private parts.
B. Improper cleaning of the private parts cause odors happen.

Advantages of stick with it:
A. Faintly acid elements with PH5.5 is tender for caring the private parts and maintaining its self-cleaning capacity.
B. Without soap brings tender and clean experience.
C. Help balancing PH value, improving immunity and protection capacity, good for enjoying healthy constitution.
D. Plant moisturizing essence is good for nursing tender skin of the private parts and keeping fresh feeling.

Using time:
Cleaning during normal days, menstrual period, travelling, doing sports, before and after sex life.

Technical index
Controlling colon bacillus, candida albicans and staphylococcus aureus
Container of the product is made from food grade material, healthy and safe, trustable.
This product had passed the vaginal mucosa irritation test
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